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Registration Document 2016




Corporate governance


3.2 Positions and duties as at December 31, 2016,

of the Board members at the date of this Registration Document


Positions and duties as at December 31, 2016,

of the Board members at the date of this Registration


Philippe LAZARE

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer since January 20, 2010

Experience and expertise

Born on October 30, 1956, Philippe Lazare was educated at the École Supérieure d’Architecture de Paris-La Défense. He held several

positions in the Purchasing Department of the PSA group prior to joining the Thalès group as director of a Sextant Avionique site.

In 1994, he was appointed Chief Operating Officer of the Air France group, in charge of the Industrial Logistics Division, which

encompassed Air France Maintenance, Air France Industries, and Servair group. He then managed the Lucien Barrière hotel and casino

group (1998-2000) and worked for the Eurotunnel group as Chief Executive Officer and then Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

until 2002. Within the La Poste group, Mr. Lazare was Director of Purchasing, Property and Cost Control (2003-2004), member of the

Executive Committee of La Poste, and Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Poste Immo. In 2006, he was appointed Deputy Chief

Executive Officer of the La Poste group and Chief Executive Officer of La Poste’s General Public (Grand Public) Division, positions he

held until July 13, 2007. On July 17, 2007, he became the Chief Executive Officer of Ingenico, where he had been a director since

March 15, 2006. On January 20, 2010, he was also appointed Chairman of the Board of Ingenico Group, thus becoming the new

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Lazare is a Knight of the Legion of Honor.

Other positions and duties


Representative of Ingenico Group SA,


Ingenico Ventures SAS since May 6, 2009

Ingenico Eastern Europe I Sarl (Luxembourg),

managing director since July 17, 2007

Board member and Chairman:

Fujian Landi Commercial Equipment Co. Ltd

(China) since June 25, 2008


Ingenico Inc. (USA) since July 17, 2007

Ingenico Holdings Asia Limited (Hong Kong)

since May 29, 2015

Lyudia KK (Japan) since April 26, 2016

Supervisory Board member:

Ingenico do Brasil Ltda since December 10, 2013

GCS Holding BV (Netherlands) since

September 30, 2014

Global Collect Services BV (Netherlands)

since September 12, 2016


Main position:


Other current positions and duties:


Positions held in the past five years


Ingenico Prepaid Services France SAS, until June 28, 2013


Ingenico International (Pacific) Pty Ltd until June 7, 2012

Ingenico International (Singapore) Pte Ltd until June 19, 2012

Ingenico International India Pte Ltd until December 18, 2012

Ingenico (UK) Ltd until June 21, 2013

Roam Data, Inc. (USA) until June 8, 2015

Nanjing ZTE Ingenico Network Technology Co., Ltd (China) until May 11,


Supervisory Board member:

ZTE Ingenico NV (Netherlands) until May 11, 2016

Board member and CEO:

Ingenico Italia SpA until April 27, 2012

Ingenico (Latin America) Inc. until July 10, 2012

Ingenico Corp. until October 4, 2012

Ingenico Canada Ltd until October 4, 2012

Board member and Chairman:

Ingenico Mexico de CV until June 11, 2012

Ingenico Services Iberia SA until October 1, 2012

Ingenico Elektronik Sanayi Dis Ticaret SA until November 30, 2012

Ingenico Iberia SL until April 26, 2013

Ingenico Ödeme Siste Cözumleri AS until May 31, 2013

Representative of Ingenico SA, Chairman:

Mobile Payments Solutions NV until November 23, 2012