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Corporate social responsibility


2.5 Ingenico Group’s environmental approach


Ingenico Group’s environmental



Environmental Management System

Environmental protection is a growing concern and controlling

the environmental impact of a company’s activities requires a

structured approach if it is to be sustainable.

Ingenico Group uses an Environmental Management System

that is ISO 14001:2015-certified. As the international standard

for environmental management, ISO 14001 provides the

framework for determining the program of measures and

procedures that can help companies gain better control over the

environmental impact of their business, products, and services.

ISO 14001 requires the establishment and implementation of

environmental practices, such as: compliance with applicable

environmental regulations, identification and evaluation

of any significant environmental impacts, establishment of

objectives and a program for achieving those objectives, and

implementation of continuous improvements using specific

monitoring and measurement methods.


Environmental policy

As a global leader in payment services, Ingenico Group has a

key role to play in controlling the environmental impact of the

payment chain. Given its core business, Ingenico Group helps to

further the development of payment solutions that have less

impact on the environment (especially in terms of atmospheric

emissions and the use of natural resources) than other means of

payment, such as cash or checks.

The environmental policy defined by Ingenico Group SA is

documented and signed by the Group’s management. It is based

upon four guiding principles:

exemplary compliance with environmental regulation

Ingenico Group monitors the legal requirements relating to

the environment and takes action to ensure the compliance

of its business, products, and services with the applicable


considering environmental impact from the product design


Ingenico Group promotes eco-design because the primary

elements affecting the environmental performance of

products are found at the development and design phase;

implementing a responsible purchasing policy that

incorporates environmental criteria

Ingenico Group incorporates environmental criteria into the

procurement requirements it applies to its various suppliers

and subcontractors;

increasing environmental awareness among employees

Ingenico Group encourages its employees to adopt

environmentally friendly practices in their daily activities.

The Group contributes to environmental conservation through

a policy designed to minimize the environmental impact

of its business, products and services. Ingenico Group’s

environmental initiatives are coordinated at Ingenico Group SA

level and reported to senior management annually as part of an

environmental management review.


Environmental concerns

Ingenico Group has two primary concerns with regard to

minimizing its environmental footprint:

first, the facilities the Group uses to carry out its business

have a direct impact in terms of their energy and natural

resource consumption, and the direct and indirect emission

of GHGs;

second, the marketing, distribution and use of Ingenico

products and related services impact the environment

in terms of natural resource consumption, indirect GHG

emissions, and waste production.

Ingenico Group is working to lessen its environmental impact

through the initiatives and measures described below.