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Corporate social responsibility


2.4 Ingenico Group’s contribution to society


Ingenico Group’s contribution to society



As a global company growing in influence and impact, Ingenico

Group is increasingly committed to managing the societal

impacts that stem from its operations, products and business


The Group’s actions are focused primarily on the following


maintaining and further strengthening professional ethics,

preventing all forms of corruption and ensuring respect for

human rights;

ensuring compliance with the right to privacy for users of

its solutions;

ensuring the safety of its products for user health;

contributing to the development of financial inclusion and


developing responsible practices within its supply chain;

engaging stakeholders.


Promoting ethical business practices and respect for human rights

Ingenico Group is committed to ensuring that all its operations

are conducted with honesty, integrity and the utmost respect for

human rights across the globe (SDG 16



Ingenico Group is aware of its responsibilities across all its

activities and its production chain, and plans to formalize its

due diligence measures in 2017.

The Code of Ethics

and Business Conduct

The Group’s scrupulous ethical commitments are laid out in

its Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, which is designed to

create common principles that comply with all applicable laws

and regulations. This is made available to all Ingenico Group

employees in all the countries in which it operates.

The Code of Ethics and Business Conduct covers a broad range

of topics that Ingenico Group believes are vitally important to

the ethical operation of the Group: protecting the environment,

its employees’ fundamental rights (equal opportunities,

prohibition of sexual harassment or workplace bullying,

prohibition of child and forced labor, occupational health and

safety, freedom of association, and collective bargaining), and

good corporate governance rules. Group suppliers are required

to accept the Code of Ethics and Business Conduct before they

can be listed.

For Ingenico Group, it is vital that its rigorous ethical culture is

fully understood and put into practice throughout the Group.

That is why the Code of Ethics and Business Conduct is available

in most of the languages used by the Group’s employees (French,

English, Chinese, Spanish, Turkish, German, Dutch, Russian,

Portuguese, Italian, Indonesian and Japanese).

In 2016, Ingenico Group continued the employee training

campaign introduced in 2015 with e-learning courses (module

completed by 338 employees), and on-site training courses

in countries where the e-learning test pass rate was deemed


New collaborative tools have also been rolled out to promote

the Code, establish a Group-wide culture and facilitate the

process for escalating information on topics covered by the

Code. The Code of Ethics and Business Conduct is available on

the Group intranet and website at


If any Ingenico Group staff members or stakeholders wish to

report any grievances or suspicions, the procedure to follow is

clearly laid out in the Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, as

are the details of the relevant members of staff to be contacted

(whistle-blowing procedure). To take specific local or cultural

features into consideration and ensure that the procedure is

effective and efficient, new tools have been rolled out since

2015, including a list of local contacts for compliance-related

issues and an anonymized web form. Complaints recorded


local in-house hotlines are handled with care and are subject to

independent inquiries.

Ingenico Group plans to revise its Code of Ethics and Business

Conduct in 2017, particularly in connection with the latest

regulations published in the United Kingdom (Modern Slavery

Act of 2015) and France (Sapin law 2).

(1) For more information on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: