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Registration Document 2016

Information on the Company and its share capital


8.5 Additional information


Additional information


Documents available to the public

The Articles of Association and the parent company and consolidated financial statements for the last three financial years may

be consulted by appointment at the head office and viewed online at


Financial communication calendar for 2017

The financial communication calendar can be found on the website


Person responsible for the Registration Document

Certification of the person responsible

for the Registration Document

“I hereby certify, having taken all reasonable care to ensure

that such is the case, that the information contained in this

Registration Document is, to the best of my knowledge,

accurate and does not contain any omission that might affect

its significance.

I hereby certify that, to the best of my knowledge, the financial

statements have been prepared in accordance with the

relevant accounting standards and give a true representation

of the assets, financial position and operational results of the

Company and all consolidated companies, and that the Board

of Directors’ management report, for which a cross-reference

table can be found on page 262 of this Registration Document,

is a true reflection of changes in the business, operational

results and financial position of the Company and all its

consolidated entities, as well as a description of the main risks

and uncertainties facing them.

I have obtained a letter from the statutory auditors confirming

that they have completed their work and indicating that they

have verified the financial position and the financial statements

included in this Registration Document and reviewed the

document as a whole.”

Philippe LAZARE

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Person responsible for the financial information

as of the date of this Registration Document

Nathalie Lomon, Executive Vice-President Finance & Legal (+ 33 (0)1 58 01 84 33)