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General notes

In this Registration Document:

the terms “Ingenico Group SA” and “Company” refer to Ingenico Group SA,

whose shares are admitted to trading on the Euronext Paris stock market;


the terms “Group” and “Ingenico Group” refer to the group consisting of

Ingenico Group SA and all subsidiaries and associates held directly or

indirectly by Ingenico Group SA.

This Registration Document includes statements about the Group’s objectives

and outlook. These statements are sometimes identified by the use of the

future or conditional tense and forward-looking terms such as “think”, “aim”,

“expect”, “intend”, “should”, “aspire”, “estimate”, “believe”, “hope”, “could”, etc.

Such information is based on data, assumptions and estimates considered

reasonable by the Group. They may change or be modified due to uncertainties

related to changes in the economic, financial, competitive and regulatory

landscape. In addition, the materialization of some risks described in Chapter 1

of this Registration Document is likely to have an impact on the Group’s

business and its ability to meet its objectives. Furthermore, the achievement

of the stated objectives is dependent on the success of the strategy presented

in Chapter 1 of this Registration Document.

The Group makes no undertaking nor does it offer any guarantee that the

objectives presented in this Registration Document will be achieved.

The forward-looking statements and objectives presented in this Registration

Document may be affected by known and unknown risks, uncertainties and

other factors that could result in a material difference between the Group’s

future results, performances and achievements and the stated or implied

objectives. These factors may include changes in economic conditions, the

business climate, regulations, as well as those described in Chapter 1 of this

Registration Document.

Investors are advised to carefully consider the risk factors described in

Chapter 1 of this Registration Document. The realization of any or all of these

risks may have a negative effect on the Group’s business, position, financial

results, and objectives. In addition, other risks not yet identified or which are

considered immaterial by the Group could have the same negative effect.

This Registration Document also contains information on the markets in which

the Group operates. The information comes mainly from public records and

studies undertaken by external sources and may prove to be incorrect or

out of date. Consequently, the Group’s business could develop in a different

manner to that described in this Registration Document.





Registration Document 2016